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Children’s Books

My first children’s picture book is out now!

Each book comes with a free packet of seeds, supplied by Suttons, so you can grow your very own sunflower!

This is the first in a series of picture books that I hope to publish which will encourage children to grow their own plants and vegetables. All of my stories are inspired by the children I was lucky enough to share my house with growing up, while my mum worked as a childminder.






Currently sold via:

Perfect Find 

The Bristol Shop 


Children’s Scrapstore, Bristol

Southville Community Centre


Paper Scissors Stone – Made in Bristol Pop up Shop

Cardiac – 253 North Street, Bristol

Arnos Vale Cemetery gift shop

M Shed, Bristol 

You can also order a copy by emailing me directly:

Price: £5.99 plus p&p. Please include a delivery address in your email. If you’d like the book signed or written to a special little someone, then please let me know!

Proud author!

Proud author!

Story time with Samuel!

  Story time with Samuel! 



2 responses to “Children’s Books

  1. Matthew Roberts says:

    Hi Bethany – Good job with the book. Can I ask who/how you had it published? I’ve just completed my first novel and used but their prices make onward selling almost impossible. I’ve used Amazon via Kindle but prefer the feel and nostalgia of hard copies.
    Any advice would be gratefully received.



    • Hi Matthew,

      I self published this book. I sourced a local printers who had the right paper size and style to suit my book and registered the title with Neilson and got an ISBN number. There are lots of printers who will be able to produce a book to the size, number of pages and binding of your personal choice. Good luck.

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